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Do You Need The Force To Use A Lightsaber?

The Lightsaber is a deadly weapon that will cut through nearly any opponent. It’s an elegant, yet simple design made of light metal , with two handles either side and a switch to turn it off or on between attacks.

People all over the world love lightsabers. They’re one of pop culture’s most beloved weapons. Where did these gorgeous swords originate? What are they used for? What makes them distinctive that people will to engage in battle with just fragile metal to protect themselves or possession? But that’s not the end of the matter. There’s more to it.

Before the establishment of The Republic, there were Lightsabers being used. They began as a reaction to intensive meditation techniques that were used in wartime. Their ability to penetrate battlefields like nothing else could at times even be comparable to them. But when you hear talk about Force Wars or First Blades These are nothing more than myths, though they may be true them back then because there is no way to know for sure how long ago it happened.

The old Star Wars legends tell of a time when two warriors battled with stunning lightsabers. The proto-saber, the first known lightsaber, was believed to have created twin beams along with its prongs. It was a horrifying display that caused the heartbeat patterns of people and made them feel too speedy.

The lightsaber is a versatile weapon. It’s comprised of a plasma sword that is powered by kyber stones. The precise alignment of the emitter matrix requires someone who has the right skills and abilities to make adjustments otherwise unfortunate outcomes could occur when incorrectly aligned “blades” are used. Since they’re used to attack Tibanna’s indigenous Flora (which includes medicinally important flowers like Mon Mothma) and as a defense tool modern lightsabers may be more complex.

Imagine the terror that could come over you when your arm burns and a blade by an enemy’s weapon cuts through it. While you could try to put out the flame but it’s more likely that you will lose some function of any part affected by the blast.

The Force-attuned stones can be found across the universe on Kyber crystals. Living Crystals are able to connect with one another, and some say that they are able to communicate with living things or even inanimate objects. Crystals with special properties can hold and focus the lightening potential of lightsabers. These living crystal bodies can withstand high temperatures and pressures in the cores of stellar stars. They also can withstand different environments that could destroy most substances on Earth which makes them ideal instruments for this vital job.

The Force is always with us even when we don’t perceive it. Each kyber crystal has its resonance. Its sound directed anyone Jedi who was building their lightsaber to the right one. Others released music to help them find the correct one. Some emitting coldness in order to make contact with someone.

A lightsaber’s heart is made of Kyber crystals. These crystals bind with Jedi Masters and allow them to transform their blades to various shades. The most popular color you’ll see both sides of the blade is blue or green according to the side you’re on , but any other hue could result from this power of these ancient devices that are blessed with by Luke Skywalker himself.

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